Smartlook's affiliate program

Are you a web development studio, online marketing agency, web hoster, or freelance consultant? Do you want to offer Smartlook to your customers? Join our affiliate program and share our fame and fortune. You'll get a 20% lifetime reward for referring new users.

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How does the affiliate program work?

20% lifetime reward

You get money from every payment of every customer you refer. Your share is forever and never changes.

Your unique referral link

You have a unique ID to track your rewards. You see referred users and the money you made in our interface in real time.

30-day cookie validity

Users have 30 days to sign up after clicking on your referral link to be connected to your affiliate account.

Terms and conditions

Search Campaigns
1. Protected SEM bidding keywords - “Smartlook”, ””, ”” and misspelled or other variation of these keywords.

2. Negative match for protected keywords is required.

3. Prohibited SEM ad content - Affiliate partners are prohibited from using protected SEM bidding keywords in the ad copy.

4. Direct Linking is prohibited - Affiliate partners are not allowed to use direct linking from SEM ads to Smartlook's website.
1. Website - Prohibited website domain keywords ”Smartlook” and misspelled or other variation of these keywords

2. Website - Prohibited website content

3. Websites that contain sexual of offensive content or in any way promotes or encourages violence, hatred or discrimination will not be accepted into the affiliate program.

4. Website - Use of logos and trademarks.

5. Cashback websites are not entitled to any commissions

For guidelines, please contact us at
Social Media
Affiliate partners are not allowed to use direct linking from Facebook ads or other social network ads to Smartlook's website.
Email Marketing
Affiliate partners are not allowed to send spam emails.

Any inappropriate use of our trademark or SEM practice including the URL and meta content will result in instant and severe action including permanent termination from our affiliate program at our discretion, and cancellation of payment for outstanding leads.
A reward cannot be paid out before reaching the minimum amount limit which is 50€.