Recording info

Do you need more info about recording? We have some variables for you, which have some recording indentificators. The most useful one will be URL for sure, thanks to which you can play any given recording.

Variable Description Example
playUrl Recording URL https://www.smartlook.com/app/12a3bcd45678efa90123b4567/play/a12bCDEfg
projectId Project ID 12a3bcd45678efa90123b4567
sessionId Session ID a12bCDEfg
visitorId Visitor ID AbcDeFGhi
recordId Recording ID A1B2c345dE
key Project key a123bcd4e56ab123b3456789b12ab1234abcde1a

See how to access variables. Below is an example how it can look in a console:

<script> smartlook( function () { console.log(smartlook.playUrl); console.log(smartlook.visitorId); } ); </script>

Let's say you want to save recording URL in your own service. Such a code can look like this:

<script> smartlook( function () { MyServiceToLogUrl.sendToApi(smartlook.playUrl); } ); </script>