Visitor info

Display in Smartlook Dashboard information such as: e-mail and name.

Code that you need to insert has a following format:

<script> smartlook('tag', field, value); </script>

Attention: field is used for value identification, that you give to Smartlook and value is its value.

Usage example

Let's say that on your page is signed in visior, with name Prokop Buben and e-mail

Code that you insert in your site will look like:

<script> smartlook('tag', 'name', 'Prokop Buben'); // 'Prokop Buben' user name in your database smartlook('tag', 'email', ''); // '' user e-mail in your database </script>

Attention: Do not copy paste our code, use it as base for your own and insert your variables, or all users will have name Prokop Buben ;)

Now let's have a look at example in PHP:

echo "<script>"; echo "smartlook('tag', 'name', '{$identity->name}');"; echo "smartlook('tag', 'email', '{$identity->email}');"; echo "</script>";

Other options

Item field is variable, so you can write in it anything you want. If you write in it "name" or "e-mail" we will assign that value in respective field in recording. If you write in field anything else, we will take it as TAG and add it to your recording. You can use it to filter recordings. There are many ways to do this and you can find for sure one that will help you the most. Check out example below.

<script> // used for detailed indentification smartlook('tag', 'role', 'developer'); smartlook('tag', 'language', 'english'); smartlook('tag', 'country', 'czech republic'); </script>