The easiest visitor recording tool on the web

See visitor behavior in a video

Play video recordings of visitors and see what they actually do on your website. It helps you reveal mistakes and find out what to improve. You see the visitor’s mouse movement, where he clicked and how he handled filling of forms.

Visitor journey

The Visitor info panel shows all recordings from repeat visitors in one place. If a visitor came more than once to your website then you will be able to see all visits in a row. This gives you greater insight and context about the visitor’s behavior. As an example, you can now see the following behaviors: visitor came to your website from a Google Ads on day one, browsed a few products and then left your website. Two days later came back from clicking on a Facebook link and finished the purchase.

Filter visitors

Find the important visitors using filters. You can filter visitors who were in shopping basket, pricing or other important pages.

Share insights with your team

When you discover bad user experience on your website, simply send a link with the recording to your UX designer or developer, so everyone can see what the issue is.

Have multiple websites in one account

You can have an unlimited number of websites under your Smartlook account. You can also get invites to access your clients’ accounts.

Tag your visitors

You can show customer info in Smartlook to see who is actually browsing your website. Use our API to link customer’s name, email or other info from your system.

And many other features

Unlimited users
Manage unlimited number of users under your account.
API access
Use our API to adjust recordings by your needs.
Ajax & single-page apps supported
We support all of the latest frontend frameworks (AngularJS, React, Ember, ...)
Mobile devices supported
Recordings of visitors from mobile phones and tablets

Start understanding the behavior of your visitors today