Visitor info

Display in Smartlook dashboard information such as: name, email, country, etc. VISITOR column shows name. EMAIL column shows email. Other custom information you define (country, etc.) will be shown in TAGS column.

In order to see this you must connect Smartlook to your website database and enable columns you want to see in Smartlook dashboard under Columns Settings.

How to see visitor data?

Format used in script is: tag, column name, variable that connects to your database. Never change format for columns email and name those are default. If you change them, no info will show. Any other column is optional and can have custom name definition as it will display under tags.

<script> smartlook('tag', 'email', ''); smartlook('tag', 'name', 'John Doe'); smartlook('tag', 'occupation', 'Developer'); </script>

In case you have more than 1 website

<script> smartlook('tag', 'websiteName', 'websiteUrl1'); </script>

Use on 2nd website

<script> smartlook('tag', 'websiteName2', 'websiteUrl2'); </script>