Google Analytics

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Smartlook integration

Smartlook integration is great for your support team while troubleshooting customers’ issues.

Following works only in paid packages.

How to install

step 1 Add Google Analytics integration

Log in to Smartlook and in upper right corner select Account > Integrations > Add Gogle Analytics.

step 2 Google Analytics Dashboard

Now, when building reports in Google Analytics Universal, you can add a Smartlook Session URL anywhere you can use as a secondary dimension within Google Analytics.

For example, go on Google Analytics dashboard in Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium


step 3 Event Actions

Set up a new Secondary dimension to Event Action


step 4 Smartlook recordings

You should be able to see a new column with links to your Smartlook visitor recordings. Just copy the URL of the links and open them in your browser. Make sure you are logged in on the Smartlook Dashboard.


If you have more Event Actions set in your Google Analytics, you can use the advanced filter.


Do you have any questions?

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