Smartlook Website Visitor Recording Tool

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To integrate Smartlook into your Joomla CMS, here check this video or else see steps below the video:

step 1 Download extension

Download extension in .ZIP file.

step 2 Upload & Install

Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File > choose file and click Upload & Install


step 3 Add module

1.] Extensions > Modules and click New


2.] Search for Smartlook.


step 4 Settings

Your code is in Smartlook > Account > Sites > Tracking code.

1.] Set up extension as you see in screenshot below and click Save.

2.] Go to Menu Assignment, select On all pages and click Save & Close.


step 5 Publish to activate

Click ✖ Publish item in order to get module on your site. If ok, you should see ✔ Published.


To see visitors on your website log in to Smartlook.