Mobile SDK FAQs

Is your SDK available for Android and iOS?

Yes, both platforms are supported.


What is the size of the SDK? (How many kilobytes)

The size of the SDK is in hundreds of kilobytes. Once you build your app, the size is decreased even more.


Does your SDK require any extra permissions from the user in order to enable it?

When it comes to system permissions, there are no extra requirements. However, your application should request an explicit consent from the user. Smartlook provides open-source Consent SDK for iOS apps at or for Android apps.


Is your SDK GDPR compliant?

GDPR compliance is about not having any private data of the user, unless the user gave an explicit consent.

In Smartlook’s default setting, the SDK hides all the inputs that may contain private information (such as password fields, emails, names, addresses, etc). It also provides methods for developers to mark certain areas of application as sensitive.


How much data is consumed when the SDK is enabled for a particular user?

It does not exceed 0.5MB worth of data per minute, but depending on user’s activity, it can be much less.


Are the recordings available to filter once they are ready for viewing on your dashboard. If yes- what filtering options are there?

Once the sessions (recordings) are in dashboard, everything is filterable with filters as well as Events and Funnels

Filters include:

Date City Operating system User name Funnel
Duration Country API Identification Clicked element Error
Notes IP User email Custom Event name …and many more
Total number of visits State/region User ID Custom Event property


Is recordings data in your dashboard available to download or backup to our own servers?

As of January 2019, no. However it is something we plan to implement in the future.


Do the starter and Power packages support the functionality to select when to initialize the recordings? i.e – Can Smartlook allow us to decide when to start recording sessions based on triggers that we define?

Yes, it is entirely in the developers’ hands when to start recording.


In terms of defining the Sessions/month for Pricing Purposes – How do you define Sessions/month in the Mobile App environment?

A session is a continuous usage of an app/game (Currently limited to 30mins before initializing a new session).


Do you support multiple projects under 1 account (If yes – do they simply share the total sessions limit of the account or you can specify session limits per project?

Yes, the limit is shared across all projects in the account. As of January 2019, it is not possible to limit a single project. However, projects many be enabled and disabled independently).




Can Smartlook record sensitive data in mobile apps?

In regards to GDPR, we mask all input which is considered sensitive personal data. This is a default setting within Smartlook.


Can developers choose to hide/mask certain information they consider as sensitive?

Yes, Smartlook has provided these methods to make it as simple as possible. For information on how to mask sensitive data, go to:


If you don’t record personal data, why record visitors?

Smartlook is not built around private data. We do not collect nor sell data. Our focus is on building a value around discoverability of user interactions without being able to identify the user. Herein, all applications can discover their imperfections and work on ways to improve the ways users interact with them.