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Smartlook integration

Our integration with Piwik allows you to access your visitor recordings directly from the Piwik Dashboard. The Smartlook will create a “Recording event” in Piwik dashboard with a playUrl.

How to install

step 1 Install code

You need to have both Smartlook and Piwik installed on your website.

step 2 Smartlook account

Log in to Smartlook and go to Account.

step 3 Integrations

Go to Integrations. If you have several websites in Smartlook, choose the one you want to connect with Piwik. Click to add the integration with Piwik and after that, click on Generate API token. The integration will then be enabled and the  Smartlook will be connected with your Piwik.

step 4 Piwik  

On Piwik Dashboard, you can find the URL to the visitor recordings under Visitor Log. The recording is generated as soon as your visitor leaves the page and the link will be accessible. In order to see the visitor recording, you just need to access the shown URL.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback about the integration.
We will be happy to help.