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Smartlook-Segment Integration (Beta)

Smartlook-Segment integration allows Segment users to deploy Smartlook snippet & enable advanced data collection with ease.

All users have to do is choose the integration from the Segment Catalogue and input the Smartlook API key. This integration will allow users to send all Segment predefined custom events and data directly to Smartlook.

In practice this enables users to visualize and evaluate specific events they collect within Segment.

For example why users are idling on that cart screen and not converting. With Smartlook and Segment you’ll be able to get instant answers to all your user behaviour questions. It is that easy.

How to enable this integration?

At the moment the integration is in Beta. If you want to use it, you must contact our Support team via form here or inside the app.

We need this so we can connect you with the Segment team and oversee the implementation directly.

Note that Smartlook is already available in Segment Destination catalogue.But, due to the Beta status, the installation is not straightforward. Additionally, to configure and use Smartlook from Segment, you need to submit a ticket with Segment support team.


You can review the documentation on Segment’s side for steps on how to use this integration, and some details on the track & identify methods.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback about the integration.

Especially if you’re interested into trying it out. We will be happy to help.