Smartlook Architecture & Service Description

Smartlook provides qualitative website and mobile app analytics and with various modules which include, but not limited to visitor recordings (user replay)automatic event trackingconversion funnels, and heatmaps for websites.

Modules and features available may vary based on the subscribed package, which can be find here:

All data received by Smartlook expires. Expiration date depends on the package.

Data expiration = complete deletion from Smartlook storages.

Smartlook Architecture Overview, in three parts:

  • Smartlook recording script
  • Smartlook backend for storage and analytical computations
  • Smartlook frontend for accessing and interacting with data

Smartlook Recording Script:

  • Similar to the Google Analytics script
  • Can be deployed via Google Tag Manager, more info here
  • Script is hosted at CDN77
  • Script can be self-hosted, for enterprise clients
  • Script communicates with Smartlook backend services
  • General communication overview:
    • script asks Smartlook backend services whether it is possible to record
    • script starts a session
    • script periodically sends data to Smartlook backend services
    • sessions is terminated upon closing the browser window
  • Script features:
    • all the client’s private data remain hidden on the client’s device
    • script automatically hides all the inputs
    • script automatically hides all the emails
    • script automatically hides all the phone numbers
    • scripts hides everything that is marked as sensitive

Smartlook backend:

  • Runs 100% on Amazon Web Services, utilizing Frankfurt region data center
  • Processing of inbound data:
    • Smartlook script is sending data over HTTPS to load balancers
    • inbound data are processed by servers and uploaded to AWS S3
    • metadata are saved to AWS Elasticsearch service
  • Acts as data source towards Smartlook frontend:
    • queries AWS Elasticsearch service
    • during playback via Smartlook player, session data are fetched via HTTPS from AWS S3

Smartlook frontend:

  • Login with Google (OAuth2)
  • Served via HTTPS
  • Used for authenticated interactions with the recorded data