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Smartlook integration

Our integration with Zendesk allows you to play visitor recordings directly from Zendesk.

Smartlook integration is great for your support team while troubleshooting customers’ issues. This gives you precious context about the customer when supporting him before he sent a ticket to Zendesk and also allows you or your support guys to easily verify customer’s story if he reports a bug or an issue on your website. Instead of a lengthy conversation with the customer trying to decipher what exactly he did you simply watch the recording and based on the insight you can immediately transfer the issue to your development team so they can fix whatever is wrong.

How to install

step 1 Add Zendesk integration

Log in to Smartlook  and in upper right corner select Account > Integrations > Add Zendesk.

step 2 API token

After you add the Zendesk integration, an API token will be generated.

step 3 Install Smartlook app on Zendesk

Log in to your Zendesk account, go on Apps  Marketplace and look for Smartlook.

Smartlook can be installed for free.


Select the Zendesk account on which you want to install the Smartlook.

step 4 Insert API token

Insert Smartlook API token and select Install.

step 5 Identify visitors

Recordings are possible to identify with user e-mail, using our API.

step 6 Watch user recordings in Zendesk

If the user e-mail, who sent the ticket to your Zendesk, is found on the Smartlook, the links to the session recordings can be found on the right side of the Zendesk administration. Just click on apps and it will show a list of the visitor recordings from Smartlook.

Do you have any questions?

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