Will Smartlook slow down my site?

Page speed measuring tools don’t always give an accurate picture when analyzing scripts like Smartlook. You can often see same issues with Google Analytics script. The Smartlook script loads asynchronously, meaning it doesn’t prevent the rest of your website from loading while it downloads. The warnings you see in various page speed tools don’t mean Smartlook script slows down your site.

The load time of our script is negligible on most websites.  Since all the data flow proceeds between the Smartlook script and our server, your server is, thus, not burdened with extra data. We take site performance very seriously and use constantly optimize Smartlook script to improve load time. We also use various tools and services like CDN (content delivery network) to load our script super fast everywhere around the globe.

If your site has some non-standard elements or too many complicated elements, contact us and we will send you a report about your site page load.