Improve your website with Smartlook partners

You’ll get help from people with an average of 7 years of experience who have worked on dozens of websites each.

Smartlook partners can help you with:

Cart abandonment rates
Improvement of conversion funnels
Better onboarding
Optimization of homepage and landing pages

Michal Baturko Olbert

€115 / hLanguage: EN, CZ

As an e-commerce consultant Michal has more than 12 years of experience. He has worked with a few hundred clients with combined revenue of $130 million.

Michal works mainly with SaaS and e-commerce companies. He’s managed to improve conversion rates of some funnels by 161% (read case study)

Digital Architects

€50 / hLanguage: EN, DE, CZ

Digital Architects have improved dozens of websites. They often manage to double conversion rates and Smartlook is typically a source of ideas for better UX design.

Digital Architects have worked for companies like Staropramen brewery, the Czech branch of stock photo website or a pet startup

Jan Kvasnicka

€100 / hLanguage: CZ

Jan helps his clients with UX, web usability and improvement of conversion rates for more than 11 years. He cooperates with major Czech brands, mainly in e-commerce.

Jan is well known for his focus on data, prefers real life experience over theory only read in books, and is a big proponent of the idea: “Don’t make your users think.”

David Marecek

€75 / hLanguage: CZ

Since 2014 David has designed thousands of changes on more than 50 websites. Those changes led to improvements of dozens of % in conversion.

David loves working on e-commerce sites and has worked for brands such as Česká mincovna, Travelking, T-LED, Toner Partner and ALDO nábytek.

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