Interested in what we have planned? We’re creating a new generation of product analytics. Thanks to Smartlook, you get answers to every question you have about your product. Smartlook will automatically track all events on your website at all times. And your product team doesn’t need to wait for data to come in, nor are they dependent upon developers to set up event tracking. Smartlook gives product people answers about how people use their product in seconds, allowing them to make decisions faster than ever.

Do keep in mind that we’re a startup and priorities can change, so don't bet your life on this roadmap. Also, we lost our crystal ball yesterday, so, unfortunately, we’re not able to provide release dates or estimates of these listed features. But rest assured — we’re working as fast as we can.

What lies ahead:

  • Breakdown by properties of events
  • Recommended users
  • Abandoned forms tracking
  • Export/save recordings
  • In-app notification — in-app triggered messages based on users’ event hits
  • Automated reporting to Slack

What we’ve done:


  • List of users instead of list of sessions
  • Event tracking (filtering by clicked text or CSS selector)
  • Visualizer for picking events (ability to pick events without developers)
  • Graph reports — see how many times and how often users interacted with UI elements
  • Funnels reports
  • Ability to save a filter/create segments of users
  • Ability to filter by external data (e.g., data from your CRM)
  • Redesign of the player by showing a list of users’ events
  • JavaScript console in player (detailed logging of user errors)
  • Tracking of JavaScript errors, and rage clicks
  • Detailed information in heatmaps (e.g., number of clicks on each element)
  • Longer data history (up to a year)
  • Mobile app recording support, including games made in Unity engine