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Smartlook is the only combined quantitative + qualitative analytics platform that’s actually easy for growing teams to set up and adopt.

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Want really powerful insights?

Combine session recordings with event-based analytics.

Session recordings

What’s wrong with my mobile app or website?

Get clear insights by watching user’s recordings. Don’t have time? The advanced filtering capabilities take you right to the crucial moment.


Do users do what you want them to?

See how often users perform actions that matter to you. Use the events also as filters in recordings, so you can quickly find the important ones.


Where and why do users drop off?

Within one click get recordings of all the drop-offs. Fix the problems and plug the $ leaks!


What are the most crucial page elements?

Get an instant overview of where your users click and how far they scroll.

Behavior Flows

Where do you lose site and app users?

See visually how your users move at your website or app. Determine whether the path you created for them works as expected.

Crash reports

What happened in the moments leading up to a crash?

Watch session recordings to determine the cause of a crash and fix it without QA reproduction. See what happened and which crashes frustrate users most.

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Easily integrate  your tech stack with 50+ integrations.

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