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Smartlook's heatmaps come with 3 distinct overlays for you to ensure users are finding what they need with simplicity and clarity.

125.000 + curious users clicks
250.000 + happy users clicks
20.000 + video played
What makes Smartlook <br>
an awesome heatmap tool
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What makes Smartlook
an awesome heatmap tool

Click overlay
Click overlay
This heatmap shows you where people click. Results can be drastically different from what you expected. People clicking on a lot of elements that aren’t clickable. Which tells you what people expect or want to know.
Move overlay
This heatmap allows you to differentiate between deliberate actions and random browsing. Streamlining movement ensure your pages are clear and effectively layed out.
Scroll overlay
This heatmap allows you to find immediate details on how far users scroll on your pages and find valuable insights on where buttons should be strategically placed.
Click overlayMove overlayScroll overlay
  • Retroactive data
    Easily generate heatmaps from the data you already have.
  • Types of visitors
    See how visitors’s behavior differs from each other.
  • Download & Share
    Send public links to your teammates or clients.
  • Device segment
    Segment heatmaps by a device to find improvements.
  • User privacy
    Compliance with GDPR and CCPR is ensured.
  • Easy to implement
    Save time with advanced seamless intergrations.
  • Small code
    Tracking code is minimal ensuring a quick loading.

Smartlook helps us to close support tickets faster

Smartlook has a big impact on scaling conversations with a small team. It cuts down on time needed to close a support ticket and prevents going back and forth constantly.

Thanks to Smartlook we also know what confuses users and where to improve our UX and our documentation. Both help our clients to become autonomous and Livestorm to be self-service.

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Intercom, Mixpanel, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, WordPress

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