See all the actions, aka events your users perform on your website or mobile apps like button clicks or visits to a page. Get event statistics retroactively in zero time thanks to our automatic tracking and start analyzing immediately.

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Events, aka user actions, can be anything from a URL visit and a button click to a text-field input to any custom event you want to track. Events are the backbone of any analysis as, they’re a great way to get an overview of the actions performed on your website or mobile app.

Use breakdowns to dive deeper into your analysis, and utilize event anomalies reports to stay alerted when there is a significant change in key events.

Events are ideal for:

Powerful and efficient analysis with the use of events

Visited URL event

Page visits are the most common action your users perform. See exactly how many users are visiting key pages by simply pasting a specific URL.

Clicked-on text events

Users do more than just visit a URL. Get data on specific user actions such as button clicks and click-based interactions that do not generate changes in a URL.

Typed text events

Get a higher level of insight by tracking your users’ text inputs. Get to know your audience’s interests by seeing what they search for.

Click-on-element events

Track any click interaction that matters to you. See if users mistakenly interact with a non-clickable image or whether a key button isn’t responding as it should.

What makes Smartlook’s events stand out?

Get the full picture. Combine events and session recordings effortlessly.

Get meaningful data based on your needs with the use of custom properties.

Use data you already have and create funnels retroactively by using events.

Create new events in a matter of seconds with our no-code Event Picker.

Define an event from any recording

Adapt your analysis to what really matters. Create new events easily based on a specific user action you watched during a session without leaving the session recording dashboard.

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