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Understand your mobile app user with heatmap

This heatmap shows you where people click. Results can be drastically different from what you expected. People clicking on a lot of elements that aren’t clickable. Which tells you what people expect or want to know.

Retroactive heatmaps for your mobile app

Generate a heatmap for important fragments of your mobile app in a matter of minutes! Segment your heatmaps based on date and see how users interact with every fragment in your app. We automatically organize all heatmaps into galleries so you can see and access everything in one place.

Simple to
Easy to

Seamless and easy integration
with your existing tech stack

Mobile app frameworks

Smartlook integrates with iOS, Android, React Native, Unity, Unreal, Flutter, Cocos, Cordova/Ionic and Xamarin. As a result, you can track every in-app behavior and improve mobile app UX across different frameworks.

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“We haven’t had this level of insight from our mobile customers, ever.”

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