Get aggregated data in one single image and see how far users scroll a page, whether they click an important button, or how they move across sections of your page.

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Generate heatmaps in a matter of minutes
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Smartlook’s heatmaps record 100% of all sessions by default. No data sampling. See what works, understand user engagement at a glance without spending loads of your precious time. Get insights about what needs to be fixed and where, and improve conversions and user experience.

Heatmaps are ideal for:

Smartlook offers 3 types of heatmaps

Click heatmap

Click heatmaps show you where people click. See whether there are unclickable elements that can be misleading for users, or clickable elements like CTAs that don’t get clicked.

Use insights from the aggregated click data to better optimize button placement and attributes, or turn unclickable elements like a free shipping icon, that get a lot of click activity, into a high-converting free shipping offer.

Click heatmaps are a great, quick way to get ideas for what to improve next by focusing on what is and isn’t working.

Movement heatmap

Movement heatmaps, aka movemaps show you where people move their mouse on their screen. See aggregated cursor movement across any page based on mouse position data.

Use the insights from this type of heatmap to create a better page design by discovering where to best place images, content, and CTAs.

Movement heatmaps are a faster, cost-effective alternative to eye-tracking studies that allow you to utilize the existing user base.

Scroll heatmap

Scroll heatmaps, aka scrollmaps show you how far users scroll on your website. See aggregated scroll movement data for long-form landing pages or product pages.

The information in this type of heatmaps will help you optimize long pages for the desired action by employing navigational cues to direct people to scroll as far as needed or by putting key information before the fold.

Scroll heatmaps will help prioritize what you want people to pay attention to by seeing exactly where on your page users drop off.

Pre-existing data

Don’t wait weeks to collect data for a heatmap you forgot to create. Generate your heatmap in a matter of minutes using data you already have–not from the date you created your heatmap.

Zero in on what matters

Perform a granular analysis based on the type of visitors. See whether returning visitors, exhibit different behavior than new visitors or if they click on the elements you expect them to.

Download and share

Back up your recommendations with visual data. Quickly identify a hot or cold spot on your page and share with your team-mates to support your recommendations or ask for improvements.

Device segmentation

Assess device-specific user behavior. See how your website appears in different screen sizes and understand what you need to tweak in the UI to ensure a seamless experience.

Retroactive heatmaps for your mobile app

Generate a heatmap for important fragments of your mobile app in a matter of minutes! Segment your heatmaps based on date and see how users interact with every fragment in your app. We automatically organize all heatmaps into galleries so you can see and access everything in one place.


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