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Smartlook matches Hotjar’s analytics capabilities, plus you get advanced retroactive analyses, funnels, and mobile apps tracking.

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Features that make all the difference

Free plan available
Advanced heatmaps
Surveys & Incoming Feedback
Collection of feedbacks and surveys is handled through integration with Survicate.
Always-on recordings
Retroactive analysis
Create heatmaps and events based on historical data.
No-code events
Create events through software UI without developer’s help.
Mobile app tracking
Integrations 10+ 7

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See how Smartlook outperforms Hotjar

Always-on recordings

Watch authentic session recordings of all the user actions. Get fully unsampled data and never miss key interactions in the user journey.

Retroactive analysis

Create heatmaps and event-based funnels retroactively. Retain data for 1 month, 12 months or choose a custom data history range.


Track any button, URL or click on an element. Filter session recordings by events to get to the gist fast and save your time.

Funnel analysis

Create funnels with an unlimited number of steps to see the complete user journey. Find out where users drop off or get stuck and watch session recordings to discover details.

Mobile app analytics

Analyze user behavior in native mobile apps. Use recordings, events, funnels, and heatmaps to better understand in-app interactions and improve experience of your users.

integrations smartlook vs hotjar


Easily integrate Smartlook with your tech stack. Do more with your data thanks to a variety of integrations, including Google Analytics, Slack, Mixpanel, Intercom, Survicate, Zendesk and many more.

We take privacy
and security seriously

Track user behavior on your website and in your mobile app. Smartlook supports your privacy compliance and ensures data security.


Is it easy to implement Smartlook?
Yes, it’s easy to implement Smartlook. Simply copy the tracking code and paste it into your website’s source code.
Is Smartlook privacy compliant?
Smartlook supports GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA compliance. This means the tool anonymizes personal data and limits its collection to a minimum by default. The “privacy by design” approach makes it easier for your business to stay compliant with applicable privacy laws.
What happens if I cross the session limit of my plan?
You can either limit the number of websites you track or turn on data sampling. If you want to be sure you don’t cross a certain threshold of tracked sessions, you can set up a session limit for each project.

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