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Why our customers love us

“We haven’t had this level of insight from our mobile customers, ever.”

What makes Smartlook
a powerful LogRocket competitor?

Always-on recordings allow you to record 100% of your traffic by default. No data sampling.

See the entire, actual users’ interactions from beginning to end.

Get the full context when analyzing. View key user details like, location, last activity, etc.

Uncover bugs and errors that lead to user frustration.

Watch actual user journeys on both your website and mobile app.

Share recordings and insights with team members in 1 click.

Focus only on what really matters

We make analysis through session recordings time-efficient with the help of filters


Visited URL, duration, and more


Country, IP, and more


Device, OS, and more


Add-to-cart clicks, page scrolls, and more

Take a shortcut to what’s important

Get reliable user behavior data for
website and mobile app


Session recordings are the best way to see how users interact with your mobile app. Our wireframe mode enables you to record sessions on SwiftUI and Compose apps in a compliant-by-default way, so you don’t need to worry about your users’ privacy.


Track all key actions a user performs in your native app or mobile game. Get event statistics retroactively in zero time, thanks to our automatic tracking, and start analyzing immediately. Use events as filters to go to the most important part of any session recording, with the seamless pairing of events and session recordings.


Create funnels to see the exact conversion steps your users take while interacting with your mobile app or game. See exactly how many users move from one screen to the next screen, what issues prevent them from converting, and what are your high-exit screens and why.


Heatmaps are a great visual way to see aggregated data in one single image of all user interactions such as swipes, taps on buttons, scrolls, and others. See what works, understand user engagement at a glance without spending any of your precious time.

Crash Reports

Crash reports save developers and testers countless hours when it comes to investigating and fixing bugs. You can view user recordings and stack trace reports seconds before a crash occurs in one environment.


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All packages include heatmaps, funnels, events, session recordings, and other useful functions.
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What’s in this plan:

  • 3000 monthly sessions
  • Basic product analytics capabilities
  • Historical data in heatmaps
  • Supports both web & mobile apps
  • One month data retention
  • Integration with Slack & Google Analytics
Pro plan
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EUR 55/ month

Everything in Free, and:

  • From 5k monthly sessions
  • More advanced product analytics capabilities
  • Daily anomaly reporting
  • Exports to CSV
  • All premium integrations
  • DevTools & Product analytics add-ons
Enterprise plan
Tailor-made solution for your team
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Everything in Pro, and:

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited users & projects add-on
  • Single Sign-On / SAML
  • Data Export – REST API
  • Dedicated customer success resources
  • Custom Agreements

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