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G2 placed Smartlook in the leaders quadrant in their Product Analytics Software Grid® Report. Curious why? Find out by joining 3373 digital marketers, support agents and product managers that signed up over the last 30 days.

“We haven’t had this level of insight from our mobile customers, ever.”

Smartlook’s unique approach to analytics

Mobile app frameworks

Without the right mobile analytics, understanding in-app user behavior is hopeless.

With Smartlook you get light SDKs that integrate with your mobile app architecture. Choose among iOS, Android, React Native, Unity, Unreal, Flutter, Cocos, Cordova/Ionic, and Xamarin.

Mobile analytics data will improve your apps, including e-commerce, logistics, Saas, gaming applications, etc.

Cross-platform tracking

Stitching together web and mobile data is time-consuming. 

With Smartlook, you can combine web and mobile apps, transforming them into one analytics project.

Understanding visitor behavior allows you to optimize your cross-platform funnel. 

Transparent pricing

We value openness. That’s why you will discover a variety of pricing plans on our website.

With an abundance of pricing plans, selecting an analytics package that suits your budget is easy.

If you have special requirements, consider the fully-customizable Ultimate Package.

Reliable data and flexible reporting

Finding it challenging to extract insight and create reports using your existing analytics software?

With Smartlook, such limitations are a thing of the past – filter data, create dashboards, and set up custom events. 

Locate bugs, analyze feature adoption, and validate mobile app design with reliable analytics data.

We’re serious about privacy and security

Smartlook ensures data security and provides you with options to remain compliant with applicable privacy regulations.

Case study

Smartlook is a game changer for mobile app analytics

With advanced features like funnels we are able to see if anything went wrong in the UX or implementation. It helps us discover problems we wouldn’t have otherwise. It makes everything so much easier.

Alžběta Husáková
Marketing Manager
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What’s the length of a Smartlook contract?
With Smartlook, there’s no need to sign a 2 or 3-year contract. Our users pay for their analytics software on a monthly or yearly basis.
I only need to track my mobile app. Can I do that with Smartlook?
Yes, with Smartlook, you can track your mobile app as a standalone project.

There are 3 options when it comes to modifying your analytics setup:
– Track a website project only
– Track a website and mobile app across platforms
– Track a website and mobile app as two separate analytics projects
Does Smartlook offer support?
Smartlook offers chat support to all paid customers and email support to our entire user base. Although Smartlook is very intuitive, you’re eligible for an onboarding and training session via our Customer Success Specialist if you purchased the Business Package.
What options are there for hosting my data?
Smartlook offers data storage in The United States and Europe. Contact our support or sales team for help choosing a data center that suits your business needs.
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