Using Smartlook to Continually Improve CX at DeVono Cresa

DeVono Cresa is a leading commercial property firm covering the London commercial real estate market and an avid Smartlook client. For our new customer story, we chatted with Charlotte Waller, the Digital Marketing Manager at DeVono Cresa, to see how Smartlook has helped her get things off the ground.

What do you use Smartlook for?

Mostly, we use Smartlook for improving our user experience. I can identify any bugs and uncover areas I need to improve on the website quickly and efficiently. The heatmap functionality is also excellent.

Which teams in your company use Smartlook?

Mostly the Marketing team, although Smartlook insights are shared across multiple teams.

What problems does Smartlook help you solve?

Primarily, it helps me understand why people convert and why they don’t. Once I see that a visitor has converted, I can also find out what kind of information they looked at beforehand so we can deliver an optimal customer experience for them offline when they leave us their contact and query details.

On a similar note, I can also discover what kind of content is popular and adjust our efforts accordingly. Smartlook shows me traffic sources, trends, and bugs in tremendous detail, all of which helps me make better data-led decisions regarding the website.

How did you deal with this issue before?

We were predominantly using Google Analytics and AdWords data, which is great. But Smartlook offers us a new perspective. The visual, immediate insights we can gather are invaluable for understanding UX through our website.

Can you quantify how Smartlook helps you?

Yes — I’ve noticed an improvement in bounce rate, time on site, and pages per session. UX and conversion pathways are now far more optimal thanks to Smartlook. It’s also led our split testing initiatives and numerous on-site changes.

What made you choose Smartlook over other analytics solutions?

I heard great things about Smartlook from peers and am delighted with the insights it is offering us digitally.

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