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Does FullStory’s steep price limit your tracking options?

Switch to Smartlook – get intuitive UI, clear price, and cross-platform tracking. The perfect analytics software for your enterprise.

Transparent pricing

All packages include a 30-day free trial with all premium features

Free plan
Start-up your business

What’s in this plan:

  • 3000 monthly sessions
  • Basic product analytics capabilities
  • Historical data in heatmaps
  • Supports both web & mobile apps
  • One month data retention
  • Integration with Slack & Google Analytics
Pro plan
Essential partner for your growth
Starting at:
EUR 55/ month

Everything in Free, and:

  • From 5k monthly sessions
  • More advanced product analytics capabilities
  • Daily anomaly reporting
  • Exports to CSV
  • All premium integrations
  • DevTools & Product analytics add-ons
Enterprise plan
Tailor-made solution for your team
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Everything in Plus, and:

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited users & projects add-on
  • Single Sign-On / SAML
  • Data Export – REST API
  • Dedicated customer success resources
  • Custom Agreements

Enterprises that trust our analytics software

Smartlook – more features with a more transparent price tag


Create heatmaps to see how people interact with a website or fragment of your mobile app. Use this data to improve user experience. Dive into heatmap dashboards to get a quick overview of all your heatmaps.

Mobile app frameworks

Smartlook integrates with iOS, Android, React Native, Unity, Unreal, Flutter, Cocos, Cordova/Ionic and Xamarin. As a result, you can track every in-app behavior and improve mobile app UX across different frameworks.

Advanced events

Automatically track any button, URL or click on an element. Use the no-code event picker to select a CSS element from your website. And if you need a more advanced setup – create custom events and filter recordings by events to save time.

Cross-platform tracking

Track websites and mobile apps in one project. See the complete visitor journey and map the most important touchpoints. Analyze when your visitors change devices and where they finalize purchases.

We take privacy
and security seriously

Track user behavior on your website and in your mobile app. Smartlook supports your privacy compliance and ensures data security.


What’s the contract length with Smartlook?
With Smartlook, you don’t have to sign a 2 or 3-year contract. You pay for your analytics software either on a monthly or yearly basis.
Does Smartlook offer support?
Smartlook offers chat support to all of our paid customers and email support to the whole user base. Although Smartlook is very intuitive, if you’ve a Business package, you’re eligible to get an onboarding and training session from our Customer Success Specialist.
What are the options for hosting my data?
Smartlook offers data storage in the United States and Europe regions. Contact our support or sales to choose the data center that suits your business needs.
How much does Smartlook cost?
It depends – Smartlook has a Free, Startup, Business, and Ultimate package. If you want a custom package, pricing depends on the: number of sessions and the data history range.
Will Smartlook slow down my website or mobile app?
The short answer is no, it won’t slow down your website or mobile app. Smartlook’s tracking script loads asynchronously, so it doesn’t prevent the rest of your website from loading while it downloads. As for mobile, Smartlook is light enough to be used even by state-of-the-art 3D games.
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