How heatmaps helped to improve clickthrough by 276%
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It’s a common problem. Homepages often need to act like informational hubs. And that makes them cluttered.

The hard part is figuring out what to remove.

What parts of your website are important to you but not to your visitors? Heatmaps can help you discover that.

An innovative company needs innovative tools

Sewio is one of the pioneers in a new market. They are manufacturing real-time locating systems (RTLS) which are used to track people and indoor objects.

Sewio RTLS is mainly used in industrial environments for tracking material flow and moving forklifts or personnel. However, it finds its use also in tracking athletes, go-carts, and cows.

And like any modern company, Sewio has a dedicated marketing team focused on improving conversions.

The problem and its solution

The first step towards improvement is to collect data. Sewio used Smartlook’s heatmaps for this. Check out how the page originally looked and what did the heatmaps show. (Clicking on any of the images opens a gallery.)

This is what the company learned:

  • The buttons in the hero section are below the fold and some people might not see them
  • Almost no one is clicking on the client logos that are linking to customer success stories
  • There’s a 30% visitor drop-off between the logos and subheadline right after that – which signals that people perceive it as a false bottom
  • You can see a significant visitor dropoff in the Become the digital innovation hero section that has no links. It looks like people are not interested in it and it can be removed
  • Very few people click on the customers & partners boxes and almost no one scrolls through the free consultation section

Armed with these insights Sewio started changing things. Sections that were not getting any interest got cut, main call-to-action buttons were moved above the fold and the section linking to customer success stories was reworked.

Now it contains enticing copy and buttons that make it clear there is something to click on.

This is how the new version looks.

And these are the results:

  • Go to store button clickthrough is now at 276 %
  • People click on the success stories links 3,1x more
  • Average time on page went from 4:01 to 4:29 
Petr Passinger, SEWIO’s CMO

So what does the company think of the result?

“With the insights from Smartlook we’ve achieved our goal of increasing visibility of our e-shop and customer references. This has helped to increase the overall business efficiency of our homepage,” says Petr Passinger, CMO at Sewio.

“Smartlook became an integral part of any upcoming website updates – preceding and completing any of the changes we will make in the future. Witnessing the results sold us on the idea of using Smartlook.”

Increase your conversion rates with heatmaps

author Andrej Brabec

CRO specialist

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