Why should you use events?

Event tracking helps you to find replays of a specific interaction with your mobile app. That can be pretty much anything. A visit to any screen, a click on a button or even a function being used.

Events are essential for any kind of analysis. They tell you what needs to be changed to improve conversions.

What makes events in Smartlook so powerful?

Event statistics
See how people engage with parts of your website over time. Look at the usage for the last day, a week, a month or any custom range of dates.

Compare events with event manager
See how a new function compares to a feature people are already used to.

Play recordings from events
Use an event as a filter to fast-forward to a moment when the tracked action happens. Saves you from watching unimportant parts of a replay.

Custom events
Send any additional parameters to Smartlook through API and use that to filter replays and see statistics.

Custom property events
Segment your data with additional information like a type of account a user has. Is she a free or premium user?

Event breakdowns
Compare how are different functions used based on any parameters you send to Smartlook. Are they used more by your premium users?

Email reporting
Instead of having to think about what statistics you should check in the app, you get a weekly digest right to your inbox.

Automatic event tracking
All interactions except custom events are tracked even before you set them up in Smartlook. Once you create an event, you can already see its statistics and watch all the replays.

Types of events in Smartlook

Visited Activity or View Controller
Define any screen as an event.

Tapped Element
Any tap on an app element can be tracked. Such as a button.

Merge multiple events
Combine different events into one and see it’s overall statistics as well as any replays related to all those events.

Any click with custom property
Define which clicks you want to track based on properties. This can be used to filter different versions of an AB test.