Why should you watch user recordings?

Recordings help you figure out where are users getting lost or confused. What kind of problems they’re encountering and what can be improved.

You'll see your app exactly as your users see it. With the exact same resolution and the same placement of elements. You see where people tap. And what screens they visit.

Recordings also show you how different is the behavior of people who convert. Maybe they always visit a certain screen. Then you can lead every single visitor to that screen to increase your conversions.

How do Smartlook recordings help professionals

UX designers
can see what’s confusing about your app. User recordings can often save you crazy amounts of money you’d need to organize user testing.

see what a user did before a bug happened. That saves precious time to the Q&A team that often has to figure out how to reproduce that bug.

Customer support
sees what users did wrong and help them with their issue without endless back & forth communication. They can connect tickets with recordings.

Conversion Rate Optimization experts
use replays as a source of A/B testing ideas that massively boost your conversion rates.

What makes Smartlook an awesome recording tool?

Share recordings with a timestamp
Send anyone a replay link that starts at the exact time when a problem happens.

Control the replay
Speed it up, slow it down and automatically skip parts where a user doesn’t do anything.

Send info to Slack
Whenever someone adds a note or generates a public link for a recording, you can get notified on any Slack channel. This is useful for support.

Learn more about any visitor
See their Operating System, resolution and device. This helps you to reproduce problems.

Add notes to recordings
Point out what problems or unusual behavior have you noticed. Notes pop-up at the exact time to which you add them.