Why should you use funnels?

Funnels help you figure out how successful you’re in moving people to take action. And you have at least one funnel whether you know it or not. You might not be optimizing it. But you have one.

A typical example of a funnel is the process a customer goes through to buy something from your e-shop. And it looks like this:

  • Browses a product detail
  • Adds a product to the cart
  • Goes through the checkout process
  • Successfully orders a product

You’re usually losing people at every step of the funnel.

And monitoring the effectiveness of your funnel shows weak spots that can be improved. Every lost user costs you a lot of your marketing dollars.

Common examples of funnels

  • Registration to an app (visits a homepage, pricing, features page, and registers)
  • Subscription to a newsletter (visits a landing page, subscribes to a newsletter)
  • The buying process in an e-shop (all the way from cart to thank you page)
  • Funnels that compare results of different ad campaigns
  • Any kind of billing process (billing can be spread over a few pages)

What can you do with event-based funnels

Events allow you to track every click of a button. But also to monitor the usage of pretty much any function. Let's imagine that you’ve reworked the way users can filter a price in your e-shop. Then you can create 2 funnels.

One for people converting while using the function and the other for visitors who converted without using it. When you compare conversion rates of both, you can tell if that new function helps with sales. That’s one of the many things impossible to do with solutions that only allow you to track funnels based on URL changes.

What makes funnels in Smartlook so powerful?

Watch why people drop out of a funnel
You can use funnels to find people who didn’t finish a step. Watch people repeatedly encounter the same problem, fix it and increase conversions.

See statistics retroactively
With a funnel in tools like Google Analytics, you have to wait for new data. When you create a funnel in Smartlook, you can already see how it’s performing.

Create funnels from events
Funnels are typically created from URLs. But in Smartlook you can create a funnel from any events. This helps you to see if certain functions improve conversion.