Funnel categories are here!


When you have just a few funnels, all of them are visible at once and it’s easy to find the one you need. With time, you will track multiple funnels, and looking for a specific one can take too much of your time.

If your funnels get a bit messy, now you can keep them in order by using Funnel categories. Add specific categories and organize your funnels just like you’d do with events!

funnel categories headway.png

You can add, edit, or delete funnel categories exactly the same as with event categories. Go to the menu and select the folder icon. Choose the right name for this category and save it. When you edit or create new funnels, you can choose the matching category for them.

funnel categories headway 2.png

Keep all your funnels handy and nicely sorted into useful categories. Know exactly where they are for when you need them!

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