Introducing a new player

Introducing a new player

Diana Hoppejova
Diana Hoppejova (Smartlook Team)  |  Last updated: Jul 10, 2023
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We gave our session recording player a makeover. Fewer buttons and easier orientation — everything you need for quality insight into user behavior.

After some thorough research, we enhanced the player experience to make work-life easier. Thanks to the new design, the player is now much cleaner and easy to navigate.

The new player
The old player

5 things you can expect from the new player

  • Better segment and user session navigation
  • The ability to pin different properties (device, op. system, location,…) to the top of the player and adjust it according to your preference
  • Customizable for various departments
  • Easy event identification thanks to a cleaner timeline
  • A reduced number of buttons
  • Different modes for different teams – Player, DevTools

Don’t be afraid of getting lost in the data. All actions are color coded (with the option to tick/untick), so you don’t waste time monitoring events that aren’t worth your time. 

The menu showing user actions performed in a session recording

The Activities menu that displays user actions is now located on the right-hand side of the recording window. If an action is “event-worthy,” simply click on it to create an event right away. To find out more about a specific user, click User properties → Show all user details. For developers, we’ve prepared a special section — DevTools. Here, they can find everything they need to identify and fix bugs properly.

The new player is intended for anyone who uses Smartlook’s session recordings. Product managers, UX designers, and customer support will enjoy our new player, complete with adjustable properties. DevTools help developers spot and fix crashes. By making it cleaner and easy to navigate, it saves teams countless hours of time.

Our users love it; you sure will too.

“Really liking this new player. The layout makes more sense for me. Love the player track at the bottom, more easily identify events.” – Caitlin Weir, UX/UI designer

“New player is great! Much better layout than the old one, well done” – Karl Roche, product designer

”It’s good, clean and the information representation is more clean and easy to find” – Muhammad Adnan

Give it a try now and let us know what you think. 

Pssst! A dynamic heatmaps feature is coming out soon. View heatmaps in the player as you review user sessions. 

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