Introducing trended funnel views

Introducing trended funnel views

Vojtech Sibor
Vojtech Sibor (Smartlook Team)  |  Published: Jul 27, 2021
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Analyze how and why conversion rates change over time with advanced analytics.

When do you need trended funnel views

If you make a significant modification in the checkout process, you must compare the trends before and after to determine whether the change was successful or not. Choose the time frame, compare, and decide what to do next. 

Trended funnel views:

  • Add more insights to funnels
  • Enhance your ability to analyze funnels accurately

You can easily select the time range that is important for you. Compare days, weeks, or months.

The trended funnel views feature allows UX designers to improve the user experience based on analytics. It also enables product and marketing teams to see how users interact with websites or apps over time.

The setup process is fast and easy. Click on the “Show trended view” button in the funnel view, and the chart will appear immediately. 

Learn more about funnel analytics:


Vojtěch Šibor
Vojtěch Šibor

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