Analytics & Reporting
Mobile Heatmaps

Recordings modes

Native apps

Learn how users interact with your app on Android or iOS devices.

Wireframe mode

Choose when to record a full app view or render a wireframe. Focus on the main UI elements instead of the content.

Games recording

Analyze your games without slowing down the user experience. We fully support Unity and Unreal engines.


You can even view in the analytics panel the most sophisticated graphic elements of your app, exactly as they’re on the device.


Advanced filtering

Look up people who visited a specific screen, came from a certain city or used your app for the first time. Choose from over 30 filters to quickly find recordings you need.

Share recordings with a timestamp

Send anyone a replay link that starts at the exact time when a problem happens. You can also add a note to explain what the problem is.

Visitor journey

With visitor journey, you know when users come back and see what they did during those sessions.

Identify customers

Use Smartlook API to identify users and look up customer’s replays by their name or email. Use that for faster support and debugging.


Events are used to filter recordings

It can be a click on any element in your app. But also visited activity, view controller or anything you send to Smartlook through API.

Use events to filter recordings

Events automatically play a recording from the moment a user interacts with a specific part of your app. Saves a lot of time you’d need to find that moment.

Event statistics & event breakdown

See how often people use any element in your app. And break it down by custom parameters such as a type of subscription a user has.

Automatic event tracking

Everything is tracked from the moment you add Smartlook to your app. When you create an event, you can already see its statistics and watch related videos.


Watch why people drop out of a funnel

You can use funnels to find people who didn’t finish a step. Watch people repeatedly encounter the same problem, fix it and increase conversions.

See statistics retroactively

With a funnel in tools like Google Analytics, you have to wait for new data. When you create a funnel in Smartlook, you can already see how it’s performing.

Create funnels from events

Funnels are typically created from URLs. But in Smartlook you can create a funnel from any events. This helps you to see if certain functions improve conversion.

Read more about funnels

Analytics & Reporting

Customizable dashboard

See the most important information all in one place. Choose what events, funnels and statistics you want to see and play related recordings right from your dashboard.

Email reporting for events and funnels

See how the performance of a funnel (or an event) changes on a weekly basis. If a mission-critical funnel suddenly stops working, you’ll know it.

Rage clicks

Filter videos of users who furiously click on any element. With Rage Clicks it’s easy to spot bad UX design & find places for possible improvement to your website or mobile app.

Anomalies alerting

Get notified about sudden drops and increases in errors. This helps you to spot technical problems before they damage your business.

Sessions containing an error

Watch replays where errors happen. You can see what a user did before the error happened so you can get rid of the problem in no time.

Mobile Heatmaps

Galleries: One heatmap location for every fragment of your app!

Smartlook galleries automatically show heatmaps for every fragment in your app, displaying them all in one place - No developer required. Segment them easily by changing the date ranges

Heatmaps from retroactive data

Don’t wait weeks to collect data for a heatmap you forgot to create, generate it in a matter of minutes from the data you already have.

Download and share heatmaps

Use heatmaps in presentations and send public links to your teammates or clients. Heatmaps are easily understood by everyone.

Less than 5 minutes to setup

Smartlook is easy to implement thanks to SDKs for iOS, Android, React Native, Unity, Unreal, Flutter, Cocos, Cordova/Ionic and Xamarin

Doesn’t slow a device down

With the default settings, Smartlook takes 2 screenshots every second. You can change the frame rate as well as bitrate. And you can record graphically intense games.

GDPR compliant by design

Smartlook's default setting takes care of GDPR so that you don't have to.


iOS, Android, React Native, Unity engine, Unreal engine, Cocos, Crashlytics

How to implement Smartlook on these platforms

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