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Smartlook comprises a powerful feature set which empowers our users to quickly and effectively understand user behavior on websites and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

4.7 / 5
9.1 / 10
4.7 / 5

Take a deep dive with

Intuitive dashboard

Smartlook reads like a book. From left to right you’ll find more details as you progress into your data with ease and clarity.

Event & funnel breakdowns

Dive deep into your data by breaking down your events or funnels by custom property. Your analysis can be as specific as you need.

Retention tables

Unlock answers to user churn and new feature uptake. With Retention tables you’ll highlight ways to improve user engagement.

„I can tell you that’s it’s 1/10th the price of Fullstory and more powerful and more intuitive…“
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Gene J
„Smartlook the ideal for monitoring user behavior on their websites.“
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Jesús T
„The Support is phenomenal and the help functions in the admin area have an automation feature…“
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Stewart S
„Absolutely amazing insight from this beautiful product.“
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Matt P
2800+ paying organizations

Don’t just take our word for it

Our unique toolkit puts Smartlook in a position to understand user issues across many platforms both quantitatively and qualitatively. And it’s our customers who are our true advocates who rely on Smartlook to help improve the online experience for millions of users.

Fullstory comparison

Transparent pricing

All packages include a 30-day free trial with all premium features

Free plan
Start-up your business

What’s in this plan:

  • 3000 monthly sessions
  • Basic product analytics capabilities
  • Historical data in heatmaps
  • Supports both web & mobile apps
  • One month data retention
  • Integration with Slack & Google Analytics
Pro plan
Essential partner for your growth
Starting at:
EUR 55/ month

Everything in Free, and:

  • From 5k monthly sessions
  • More advanced product analytics capabilities
  • Daily anomaly reporting
  • Exports to CSV
  • All premium integrations
  • DevTools & Product analytics add-ons
Enterprise plan
Tailor-made solution for your team
Let’s talk

Everything in Plus, and:

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited users & projects add-on
  • Single Sign-On / SAML
  • Data Export – REST API
  • Dedicated customer success resources
  • Custom Agreements
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