Smartlook welcomes Apple’s strong stance on privacy

Smartlook welcomes Apple’s strong stance on privacy

Smartlook Team
Smartlook Team  |  Published: Feb 13, 2019
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Users of our mobile app analytics have been warned by Apple about the possible removal of their app from the ...

Users of our mobile app analytics have been warned by Apple about the possible removal of their app from the App Store.

This follows after Glassbox’s breach of data where they failed to mask some of the sensitive information.

Apple requires the removal of analytics tools that aren’t asking for explicit consent. And Smartlook welcomes Apple’s strong stance on privacy.

Firstly, you should analyze what kind of data are you collecting in Smartlook and other apps and then consult your next steps with the legal department. With that said we’re also looking into ways of simplifying things for you.

Privacy is of the utmost importance for us, and as Smartlook is not in the business of selling user data, we strongly believe that the actions taken by Apple over the Glassbox issue will result in a safer environment for the end user.

In order to comply with Apple’s Terms of Service, apps using analytic SDKs must

  1. request explicit user consent and
  2. provide a clear visual indication when recording, logging, or otherwise making a record of user activity

In other words, users must have an option to decide whether they agree with the collection of their data, and no data is collected without explicit consent.

We fully support this policy. Smartlook is designed to help you improve your app, and was never intended as a tool used to gather sensitive user data.

This means that to keep using Smartlook in your app you should

  1. Add a consent screen. Every single app has a different visual style and the solution needs to be built by its development team. Once you have consent, you can keep using analytics tools such as Smartlook.
  2. The app needs to add a visual indication of when it’s recording or logging user activity. This currently has to be created by the app developer. But we’re also investigating solutions that could help you comply with Apple’s policies easier.

So what about the data safety in Smartlook?

We use robust systems for masking sensitive data such as mobile phone numbers, credit cards, and email addresses to protect both the user and your business.

You can add an extra layer of security with Smartlook API that allows you to block any sensitive information manually.

Smartlook is an EU-based company hosting all of the data in Amazon’s datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. The jurisdiction our company operates in is one of the strictest (and safest for the end user) in the world. Smartlook is also obliged by law to comply with GDPR.

We never share your data with any third parties and we do not sell your data.

author Petr Janošík

Founder and CEO

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