How Finds Their Best Visitors with Smartlook

How Finds Their Best Visitors with Smartlook

Feb 27, 2018
In our newest customer story, we caught up with Veronika Minovska, the Global Sales and Marketing Director of the content delivery ...
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In our newest customer story, we caught up with Veronika Minovska, the Global Sales and Marketing Director of the content delivery network firm as well as the dedicated server provider She’s worked with both companies for over four years, and she’s certainly seen a lot of changes, one of which has been Smartlook — a change for the better.

What do you use Smartlook for?

Mostly we use Smartlook for your heatmaps and visitor journeys. Heatmaps really help us figure out exactly what our customers want to see and what they use the most on our pages. Inversely, it also shows us what they use the least. Visitor journeys help us determine who our high-quality users are.

Which teams in your company use Smartlook?

Loads of teams use Smartlook, actually. Our account managers, the Marketing team, frontend developers, the Design team, and our Customer Support team started using it about a month ago.

What problems does Smartlook help you solve?

We have been able to create a process for uncovering interesting leads and determining whether marketing campaigns work or not.

In a kind of lead-scoring way, we determine what actions would make a visitor interesting or important to us. So, for example, when we launch a new marketing campaign, we can use Smartlook to take a look at every customer that has signed up from that specific campaign. We can then see what that customer did to lead them to sign up or what they will do after, giving us an idea of a good visitor journey. If we discover lots of potentially great customers, we can determine whether a particular marketing campaign attracted the right type of users for us.

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How did you deal with this issue before?

We were using Inspectlet before. But then I discovered Smartlook, which gave us more bang for our buck.

Can you quantify how Smartlook helps you?

Most of our results are a little less tangible — more design- or experience-oriented results. But quantifiably, we discover and fix maybe two bugs a month, which is great.

What made you choose Smartlook over other analytics solutions?

Value for money. Smartlook records a much higher volume of recordings than other products for a fraction of the cost. And the possibility of analyzing and tracking more than one domain without any additional fee was also a factor.

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