Introducing Events & Funnels Email Reports

Introducing Events & Funnels Email Reports

Smartlook Team
Smartlook Team  |  Last updated: Feb 17, 2023
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We’ve just expanded Smartlook’s reporting capabilities with a new feature which allows our users to send weekly Events and Funnels reports directly to their inbox.

To setup the Email reports in Smartlook is super easy. On every Event or Funnel detail there is a forwarding email icon above the graph:

Upon clicking, the report settings will pop up and the only thing that needs to be defined is to set  on which day the report will be sent and to confirm the recipient email. And that’s it.

From that moment onwards the chosen Events & Funnels report will be delivered to the set inbox on the day defined.

There are no limits on how many reports our users can create. And yes, every Smartlook user is able to create them.

Smartlook’s email based report will look like this:

Interacting with the report graph you’ll be driven to Smartlook detail of that event or a funnel where our users can watch the related user recordings.

Additionally, within the email there is an option to change the report settings. Clicking on the ‘Reports Settings’ button will redirect the user to the page where they can tweak the report settings if necessary. 

Using Email Reports

The email reports are convenient way to received digested information on the most important engagement data you can have.

Want to see how many times that .pdf has been downloaded in the last 7 days? You want to know when the user clicked on that modal window, or had issues on your website?

Just track events in Smartlook  and then schedule a report to have that info directly in your inbox.

Since Smartlook can track any event on the website or a mobile app, and subsequently, create funnels from them, with these email reports you now have the ability to super focus on what is crucial for you.

Future of reporting in Smartlook

The introduction of email reports is just a small step in a comprehensive reporting system being built in Smartlook at the moment.

In near future, our users will have a dedicated reporting area where they will have a chance to build custom reports, download, share them and schedule their delivery.

And beyond, the reporting system will include alerts on users most precious events.

Whether those are errors or successful funnel completions – our users will have a venue to be apprised on all the engagement on their website.

Keep an eye on our blog, newsletter or social media for further updates on Smartlook reporting enhancements.

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