uses Smartlook to verify customer issues uses Smartlook to verify customer issues

Jul 27, 2017
What do you use Smartlook for? Here at, we use Smartlook to verify bugs and issues that our customers ...
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What do you use Smartlook for?

Here at, we use Smartlook to verify bugs and issues that our customers report. It also helps us evaluate A/B test results, and our UX research team uses it to understand customer behavior better.

Which teams in your company use Smartlook?

Testers on our quality assurance team mainly use Smartlook. Our task is testing the flight booking portal to improve the user experience. We review bugs and user experience-related issues and report them to our development and UX teams.

If a support representative receives a ticket from a customer and believes it’s related to a bug or an issue with the interface, they report it to our quality assurance team. We then analyze it further and watch Smartlook video recordings of the customer involved to see what exactly happened

If we confirm it is a bug or a UX issue, we report it to the appropriate team and send them a link to the customer’s recording in Smartlook. Sometimes, the UX team uses Smartlook directly to analyze A/B test results and to determine how new features are used.

What problem does Smartlook help you solve?

Smartlook allows us to verify customer issues in a way that wasn’t previously possible. When a customer reports an issue, it’s often difficult to analyze what exactly happened based solely on logs or a customer’s brief description. Customers will often say things like, “Your booking page doesn’t work, so I wasn’t able to book a flight,” without providing details. 

Now, we can simply watch a video recording of that particular customer in Smartlook to see exactly what happened and identify the issue right away. Thanks to Smartlook, we’ve improved bug-detection and UX issues and can now achieve faster case resolution times.

There is also an additional collateral value to Smartlook — while watching recordings of particular customers to review an issue they reported, we often discover unrelated UX issues. 

For example, we often notice that customers forget to fill in their title (Mr./Mrs.) while entering their personal info. This results in a form error when the customer attempts to complete their booking. Thanks to Smartlook, we detected this issue and reported it to the UX team, who then improved the interface.

How did you deal with UX issues before?

Our quality assurance team verified customer issues using log files from developers, which often didn’t give us such good insights into customer behavior. The review of customer UX issues was a lengthier process. We didn’t have any evidence for the customer if they were disputing what exactly happened during the flight booking, as the logs were too technical to be used in customer communication.

Detect bugs and UX issues faster

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Can you quantify how Smartlook helps you?

Our QA testers save approximately 8 minutes with each customer issue. We discover roughly 10 bugs per month, which would likely go undetected without Smartlook. 

I also think Smartlook decreases the ticket volume for support as we can solve customer issues faster.

What made you choose Smartlook over other product analytics solutions?

Other products weren’t able to record all visitors because they relied on visitor traffic sampling. Smartlook was the only solution with always-on recording. It was also the only service able to record all elements of our complex website, for example, our dynamic flight search map.

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