Mobile Recordings made secure

Mobile Recordings made secure

Vojtech Sibor
Vojtech Sibor (Smartlook Team)  |  Last updated: Jun 20, 2023
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Attention all mobile app recorders! We've just released privacy enhanced rendering options!

Take a look:


These two images are taken from two different recordings. With this new option to switch rendering styles, you can be sure that no sensitive data is recorded on your account. 

Privacy for the visitors. Convenience for the analysts.

And to make it easy on the eyes, we’ve included three additional rendering skins to go along with our native recording. Of course, if you need to see the application and every detail in its original state, just use Smartlook Mobile recording with the native rendering option.

For all other options and the full list of new skins, head over to our documentation here.

Vojtěch Šibor
Vojtěch Šibor

is a Product Marketing Manager at Smartlook. Vojtech is a marketer with product blood running through his veins. He always knows about all the new features and what's coming up. Sometimes he talks about brand stuff and makes sure that the communication is consistent.

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