Who changed what? Follow the audit trail

When collaborating with your colleagues, sometimes it can get confusing. Did someone edit your event from last week? Or are you wondering who added that extra step to your favourite funnel?

With the audit trail, you don’t have to ask around anymore. The audit trail will show you a chronological list of all activities that someone did in your company. So you will know, for instance, your colleague, Frank, changed the funnel on Thursday at 6:18 PM.

audit trail better quality.png

Accessing the audit trail is easy – just go to settings -> general and scroll down to the audit trail section. Remember – only the admin or the owner has the rights to use this feature and access all information.

Starting today, everyone can try out the audit trail for free for 1 month. After that period, please contact our sales rep to access this premium feature, as the audit trail is not a standard part of any of our packages.

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