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11 free and paid mobile app analytics tools for 2022

These 11 mobile app analytics tools can help you uncover valuable user behavior insights in your app or game.

Retroactive website analytics: Create events and funnels instantly

Here’s how you can track all user interactions on your website with one snippet and analyze them retroactively.

How to read a heatmap and get actionable UX insights

Learn how to read and interpret heatmaps for website analysis and avoid three common mistakes.

Mobile UX: Basics that will help you improve app user experience

What’s mobile UX design? Why it’s hard to improve user experience on mobile and how to do it right? Get all the answers, whether you’re a UX professional or not.

10 of the biggest mobile games of the past decade

From tactical RPGs to match-threes, Smartlook compiles a list of the 10 biggest mobile games that dominated the industry over the past decade.

AstroPay improved sales funnel, boosting conversions by 56%

Find out how AstroPay uses Smartlook to optimize purchase funnels and improve the product user interface while staying GDPR- and LGPD-compliant.

Best product analytics tools for product teams in 2022

Comparing 8 of the best product analytics tools: Smartlook. FullStory. UXCam. Heap. Mixpanel. Amplitude. Pendo. Gainsight.

8 session replay & visitor recording tools for fixing UX issues

See what sets session replay tools apart and choose one that makes it easy to find and fix UX problems.

Smartlook is now SOC 2-compliant

Learn about the SOC 2 security certificate. See our approach to privacy. Read what SOC 2 audit means for our clients and business partners.