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How to increase your mobile conversion rate using analytics [9-step plan]

CRO for mobile should be your long-term digital marketing strategy. Read the article for 9-step plan to increase your mobile conversion rate.

11 ways to improve the mobile app onboarding process

The app onboarding experience is vital if you want to retain your mobile users. Here are 11 methods to help you stand out from the competition when onboarding on mobile.

11 countries where Amazon is not the most-used e-commerce platform

To track the e-commerce trend, Smartlook pulled data from GlobalWebIndex to see the countries where Amazon is not the most popular platform used.

Data retention periods and their impact in analyzing user behavior

Successful user behavior analysis is impacted by the data retention period; the period for which you store your data.

How to track user activity on your website (in-depth guide)

Learn how to track user activity on your website with the help of session recordings, heatmaps, events, and funnels.

Smartlook vs Hotjar: Comparison of features, use cases & pricing

Understand the differences between Smartlook and Hotjar, two of the most popular session recording tools.

Mobile game analytics: 6 essential metrics & how to track them

Analyze your mobile game’s user engagement and monetization strategy with these six essential game metrics.

The rise of free shipping: 8 moments that transformed e-commerce

Smartlook compiled a list of eight important moments and trends in free shipping in the internet age.

Mobile app heatmaps: 5 practical ways you can use them

Use a heatmap for mobile analytics to check how users engage with your app and what areas they skip. Discover benefits of mobile touch heatmaps and 5 use cases.