Smartlook: the best analytics solution for Flutter mobile apps

Smartlook: the best analytics solution for Flutter mobile apps

Vojtech Sibor
Vojtech Sibor (Smartlook Team)  |  Last updated: Apr 3, 2023
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Here’s how to take full advantage of product analytics on Flutter mobile apps with Smartlook.

Session recordings are the cornerstone of efficient product analytics. That said, with mobile apps (Flutter in particular), it is often very difficult to avoid capturing sensitive data while having access to enough context for making product decisions. 

Smartlook solves this problem seamlessly with its Wireframe rendering mode. If you are already tired of the occlusion not working, try Smartlook.

Smartlook is a comprehensive analytics solution for mobile apps and websites that provides product managers, developers, UX designers, and marketers with unmatched user insights.

Feature Overview 

Session recordings

One of the primary benefits of using Smartlook for Flutter app analytics is that it allows team members to see how users interact with their app. Session recordings capture all user actions, such as taps, swipes, and scrolling, providing a better understanding of how an app is being used. 

Thanks to a wireframe mode that automatically hides all sensitive data, Smartlook is compliant by default.


Heatmaps act as a visual representation of user activity within an app, highlighting the areas where users spend the most time and the features they interact with most. Product managers and UX designers can use this data to optimize their app’s layout and functionality, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Event tracking 

Smartlook’s SDK automatically detects and tracks several types of events, including touches, navigation, and rage taps. Setting up and tracking events is easy as everything is automatically tracked from the moment you deploy the SDK, allowing you to get insights in a matter of minutes. As if that’s not enough, all events are paired with session recordings. 


Funnels represent the exact conversion steps users take while interacting with your mobile app. See exactly how many users move from one screen to the next, what issues prevent them from converting, and determine which screens are resulting in high exit rates and why. With Revenue Insights, you’ll know how much each funnel drop-off costs you in unrealized conversions.

A lightweight SDK optimized for Flutter apps

Smartlook’s SDK is equipped with an automatic data capture feature that takes the hassle out of collecting usage data. With advanced screen-capturing capabilities, you can effortlessly gain valuable insights into the user experience — no manual setup required. Smartlook’s Flutter SDK includes another powerful feature: automatic screen tagging. It detects and captures all app screens without requiring extra code, making monitoring simple and efficient. 

Smartlook’s Flutter SDK also addresses user privacy concerns with a wireframe recording mode. This is crucial for complying with personally identifiable information (PII) regulations and protecting user privacy.

The SDK is lightweight and stable and does not affect the performance of the application in any way.


Smartlook is the best analytics tool for teams building apps on Flutter. Its various features and compliant-by-default approach to sensitive information allows users to gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize their app’s performance and usability — all within a lightweight SDK that’s easy to implement.

To see how Smartlook can help your business (without setting it up), book a free demo with our team. We’ve found that customers who go through the demo have a 70% faster onboarding time and leave positive reviews 99% of the time.

If you want to give Smartlook a go yourself, start a full-featured, 30-day trial (no credit card required).

Vojtěch Šibor
Vojtěch Šibor

is a Product Marketing Manager at Smartlook. Vojtech is a marketer with product blood running through his veins. He always knows about all the new features and what's coming up. Sometimes he talks about brand stuff and makes sure that the communication is consistent.

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